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Lachlan Davidson, Soprano Saxophone

Born 17 March 1963, Melbourne, Victoria

I am privileged to have a life involved in music.

My career is centered around playing the saxophone which I have done since I was twelve.

I started with a concert band and classical musical education at school, took up the flute and went on to achieve A.Mus.A on the saxophone before completing a Bachelor of Arts in Music (Jazz) at the Victorian College of the Arts.

My teaching and professional playing career then began and have always operated concurrently and symbiotically. I’ve been given opportunities in a vast array of musical settings that have encouraged me to play clarinet, oboe, all the saxophones, trumpet and a few other instruments for fun… Actually, it’s all fun!

I’ve mostly been happy to play for other people but have led a few projects and hope to do more in future.

"Imagination is better than regurgitation, and it leaves a better taste in your mouth"

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