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The Clinch Academy

A Primary focus of the Clinch Quartet is sharing their experience and knowledge, as well as their enthusiasm for chamber music with Australia's music community. Through their Clinch Academy Program the Quartet reaches out to all music students, both secondary and tertiary, as well as all music professionals in Australia in need of feedback, sound boards, project development and ensemble playing.

In the spirit of Peter Clinch, the quartet is well aware that through community outreach, a healthy and inspiring music scene can be built and maintained. It is through inspiring young artists as well as collaborating with all their teachers and role models we can help guarantee a thriving Australian music scene.

Clinch Academy

4 december - Monash University
Celebrate Saxophone
Free admission


International Career Development (10-11AM)

for uni students and young professionals


Sax Band (11AM-1230PM)

Tried and tested, for ALL saxophonists


Professional Development  (PD) (1PM-3PM)

for professional teachers and performers


International Career Development 


Share your dreams, we'll help make them reality. 


this workshop is for all aspiring young professionals, who are either in the tertiary system or have recently graduated. We will coach you to set up chamber music ensembles, find performance opportunities; give us your goals and we will hand you all the tools you need.



Sax Band


Tried and Tested, and the heart and soul of the Clinch Academy. This community is build on music. We will bring exciting and inspiring ensemble repertoire, and we'll all have a ball putting it all together. all issues of ensemble playing and saxophone technique will be addressed.


Professional Development PD


Sharing knowledge, sharing ideas. The field of music, both in education and performance is an ever changing entity. We will provide a healthy mix of established techniques and brand new concepts, and we're looking forward to giving our members the opportunity to share their unique insights. First session will be about Music and the Art of Golf. All applicants will receive an official PD certificate.

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