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One of Australia's most exciting new chamber music ensembles, CSQ is committed to producing exceptional concerts, supporting local composers, creating educational opportunities and offering audiences vibrant, challenging and enjoyable experiences.

The Clinch Quartet

Brand new,  yet steeped in history

Peter Clinch (1930-1995) will always be remembered as Australia's most influential classical saxophonist, a true pioneer, who singlehandedly gave Australia's saxophone scene world fame, with an extensive career as a soloist , renowned teacher and leader of his own quartet. Unfortunately the original Peter Clinch Saxophone Quartet ceased to exist in 1995 with Peter's passing.

One of the long standing members of the original Peter Clinch Saxophone Quartet was saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and lecturer Lachlan Davidson. Early 2020 Lachlan came in contact with two outstanding Victorian performing artists: baritone specialist Sara Ann Beale and alto saxophonist Martin Hemingway. Two exceptional saxophonists and lecturers, trained in the superb tradition Peter Clinch had set up at Melbourne's VCA, two young people who had already set up a colourful and inspired career of teaching and playing in many genres (classical, contemporary, folk-music, funk). The fourth member was an absolute newcomer to the scene: Dutch tenor saxophonist Niels Bijl. Member of the world famous Aurelia Saxophone Quartet for 17 years, with an international career as a performing artist, spanning 20 years and 4 continents, and a brand new resident of Victoria since January 1st 2020. 

Their first rehearsal was an immediate success. A unique mix of four different individuals, who turned out to be kindred spirits, with similar plans, hopes and dreams. Within weeks, their first recording appearance in the Melbourne Recital Centre was a fact, and an abundance of repertoire and project ideas started coming their way. It was no more than natural to embrace Lachlan's immediate suggestion to name this brand new chamber music ensemble after the most iconic saxophonist Australia has ever known: The Clinch Quartet. 

A wide-ranging addition to Australia's lively music scene

The Clinch Quartet will continue to use the versatility of their instruments to bring to life a huge array of musical genres. Their main focus will always be promoting Australian culture and music, being an ambassador for new music and inspiring audiences and fellow artists to embrace a life filled with music.

A community player

The Clinch Quartet will continuously follow the example set by Peter Clinch to embrace and educate the music community. One of the main goals of the Clinch Quartet is to get in touch and work with as many musicians as possible, through their community outreach program the Clinch Academy. The Clinch Academy will organise workshops for both secondary and tertiary music students, and will also provide a sounding board for all active professional saxophonists throughout Australia; musicians active in all genres and all fields of their profession, both performance, composition, project organisation and education.

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